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Music & Arts | Posted 06.10.2014

Stonyhurst is awarded ‘Artsmark-Gold’ Status

“Artsmark is Arts Council England’s flagship programme to enable schools and other organisations to evaluate, strengthen and celebrate their arts and cultural provision”
(Trinity College London)
Over the past 12 months the arts provision and academic culture of Stonyhurst has been audited to assess the depth, breadth and quality of its existing programme in: Dance, Drama, Music, Art and the whole holistic approach to creativity and education in all areas. It is with great pleasure that as an outcome of this we can celebrate the achievement of being awarded ‘Artsmark-Gold’ status, which brings a seal of recognition to all that we offer.
Achieving Artsmark status demonstrates that Stonyhurst:
• has an excellent arts and cultural offer
• is forward thinking and open to development
• is committed to investing in our staff and young people
• is committed to listening to our students and providing opportunities for our community
• has an effective approach to building sustainable relationships with arts and cultural organisations
• values the arts and culture through a broad and balanced curriculum

This accreditation marks the start of Stonyhurst’s sustainable journey for the continued development and progression of the arts, as we strategically embrace creative learning and strengthen the provision for artistic and inspirational leaders.
Anna Southward, who led the process towards accreditation commented, “This is a very exciting time for the faculty and students of Stonyhurst, which will now start to experience and work towards some enlightening new developments.”
We hope you share our pride in being nationally recognised for our arts and cultural provision. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our staff and students in making this possible.