Stonyhurst College is a family like no other
Stonyhurst College pupils

Where friendships are formed that last a lifetime.

We are a global family like no other
Stonyhurst College pupils

Our cultural diversity adds to the richness & global outlook of our school community.

Stonyhurst College is a family like no other
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Where friendships are formed that last a lifetime.

Leading the way in education...
Boys playing video games in the Stonyhurst Syntax Playroom

With unrivalled pastoral support & impressive facilities.

Welcome to the Stonyhurst family

Where friendships are formed to last a lifetime.

Over 75 co-curricular activities on offer
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Developing well-rounded, ambitious & adventurous young people.

Stonyhurst is the UK’s Leading Catholic Independent School

With 1,000 acres of beautiful countryside to explore.

A springboard to a life of purpose

We seek to inspire our pupils to go out into the world to make a difference.

An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Explore our 1,000 acre estate

Inspiring young people to be the best that they can be
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Through a well-rounded education.

Encouraging creative expression
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Through the visual & creative arts.

We empower our boys & girls to be the best that they can be

Shaping leaders of the future.

We are a global family like no other

Our cultural diversity adds to the richness & global outlook of our school community.

The oldest continuously active Jesuit school in the world

Proud to be a top-rated Catholic school

Over 75 co-curricular activities on offer

Developing well-rounded, ambitious & adventurous young people.

Steeped in history and tradition

Our story is more than 500 years old.

Encouraging creative expression

Through the visual & creative arts.

Inspiring young people to be the best that they can be
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Through a well-rounded education.

Welcome to the UK's leading co-educational Catholic boarding and day school for 13 - 18 year olds

Stonyhurst is a springboard to a life of purpose. We empower our boys and girls to be the best that they can be, shaping leaders of the future who carry a sense of purpose and a desire to make the world a better place. As we guide every pupil through their own individual academic, sporting, creative, spiritual and emotional journey, we watch with great pride as our boys and girls grow to be men and women for others. 

Quant je puis - 'As much as I can'.


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A Top IB School 

The International Baccalaureate Diploma is an alternate study pathway to A levels, designed to keep future options wide open through a broad curriculum and create not only global citizens but global leaders.

Ranked in the Top 10 UK league table of small cohort IB schools, Stonyhurst IB pupils thrive in our unique environment, studying a world-class education that enables young people to become all that they can be.


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Summer Language School 2024

The Stonyhurst Experience offers two, three, and four-week residential English Language teaching courses for children aged 10-16 years. There are two programme routes to cater for different interests – the English with Activities programme and the English with Tennis course.


New for summer 2024 is the Stonyhurst Scholars' Programme which provides a unique environment facilitating insights into history, culture, natural sciences, and literature through objects held within the Stonyhurst Museum. We are offering unique access to world-class artefacts with guidance from established experts.

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Life at Stonyhurst

College life is fast paced and varied. Of course we encourage our pupils to work hard academically - we are first and foremost a leading independent school after all - but life at Stonyhurst extends far beyond the classroom. We recognise the importance of developing the whole individual so that our boys and girls are well-rounded, confident and ready to succeed in the real world.

Below you can find out about about our strong academic departments, the extensive programme of co-curricular activities that we offer, our world class facilities and more.

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If you believe that Stonyhurst could be the best private school for your son or daughter, the admissions section below provides information about the application process for UK and international applicants, plus other information that you will find useful in guiding your decision.


Meet our Director of Admissions

Contact Helen Eastham, our Director of Admissions, who will be happy to help answer any questions you have about life at Stonyhurst College, and can aid you on your admission's journey alongside our experienced Registrars. 

Our Mission and Identity

  • Develop our pupils' talents by challenging them to give of their very best in all that they do, to the Greater Glory of God.
  • Be a caring, supportive and prayerful community of pupils, staff and parents, with Jesus at the centre.
  • Prepare young people intellectually, spiritually and emotionally to provide leadership in facing the problems of the modern world.
  • Nurture independently-minded young people, able to think for themselves, and to stand up for their beliefs.
  • Know each of our pupils as individuals, provide for their individual needs, and help them become well-rounded adults.
  • Prepare young people to play an active role in the Church today.
  • Encourage our pupils to become men and women who will do as much as they can for other people.
  • Help our pupils to find God in the majesty of His creation, and to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to them.

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An enriched pathway for your child...

Scholarships are the highest awards offered by Stonyhurst and are granted at the discretion of the Headmaster. Scholarships offer an enriched pathway including individualised support, trips across the globe and more...

At 13+ there are Scholarships available for: Academic, Art, Drama, Music and the St Francis Xavier award.

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Upcoming Events

Attending one of our open events is a great way to see the full spectrum of the school 'in action'. We hold regular open days for the College (13 - 18 years) and Stonyhurst St Mary's Hall (3 - 13 years) during the Christmas term, along with an open evening that focuses specifically on sixth form options (16 - 18 years). In the Easter and Summer terms we hold more informal Open Doors events.

Online registration is available, and will allow us to tailor your open event experience to the needs of your child.


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Stonyhurst News

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