Academic | Posted 17.08.2017

Students from Stonyhurst College are celebrating A level exam success. Mathematics results for the College were outstanding, with 25 students earning A* or A grades, whilst Economics results were also excellent, with 16 students being awarded A* or A grades.  Overall, 65% of all subject results were grades A* to B.

Head Master John Browne said, “There have been some exceptional individual results this year, with students going on to study at their first choice of University, including Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College London. I am delighted for the students and the staff who have worked with them to help achieve these results. We encourage all of our students to ‘let their light shine’ and they have certainly done that.”

Alan Zhang from Hong Kong earned 5 A* grades and will be going on to study Engineering at Trinity College Cambridge.

James Lavarello from Gibraltar earned 3 A* grades and has chosen to study Law at the University of Leeds.

Henry Yan from Hong Kong earned 3 A* and 1 A grade and has chosen to study Material Science and Engineering at Imperial College London.

Dasha Kokolova from Russia has earned A* AA and has chosen to study Economics at Exeter.

David Garbutt from Wales has earned 3A* and 1 A grade and has chosen to study Natural Sciences at Selwyn College Cambridge.

Director of Studies Lorraine Wright said, “Behind all A level results are the stories of the students who work so hard to do their best, which is all we can ask of them. Our students work hard and play hard, and we hope that when they leave Stonyhurst they will find the time to continue to do both. We are very proud of them.”