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Entry Requirements

Stonyhurst College is a school in the Jesuit tradition. Approximately two thirds of our pupils belong to the Catholic Church and we welcome pupils of all faiths.

We are also a non-selective school. We ask students to complete an entrance exam at our key entry points of 11+, 13+ and 16+ and also for our one-year GCSE course. We use the results of this, together with your son or daughter’s two most recent school reports and a reference from their existing school, to assess your child’s unique abilities and talents and how we can help them to succeed.

Exams, which include tests to determine ability streaming, must be completed in timed conditions to ensure fairness and accuracy. They can be taken at Stonyhurst, or under agreed alternative supervision, such as your child’s current school. We ask overseas students to complete an additional 500 word handwritten essay in English, outlining why they want to come to Stonyhurst College.

If you are applying for a scholarship, please read our scholarship section and contact the Admissions Office for dates, venues and other advice about Scholarship exams.