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Boarding at Stonyhurst College offers an extremely full and enriching educational experience with boarders flourishing in a safe, happy, ordered environment and vibrant, close-knit community.

Thoughtful, age-appropriate pastoral care encourages boarders to become increasingly self-reliant and considerate, just as they would at home.

Many day pupils and weekly boarders choose full boarding in their GCSE year (Syntax) to take advantage of even more of the support on offer outside of the classroom. We increasingly encourage students to make this move earlier to fully enjoy the social and recreational benefits of boarding and prepare for this critical period in their education.

In Lower Line (age 13-16), boarders typically share a room with 4 others, reducing as they get older until they have their own study bedrooms in Higher Line (sixth form).

Rated excellent in successive inspections, we continue to upgrade our boarding facilities, most recently adding Weld House with 40 en-suite study bedrooms.

icon_pdf Boarding Inspection Report (pdf download)

Outstanding Boarding