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Boys board in year groups, known as Playrooms, which we believe allows boys to feel socially more secure than they might in mixed age groups and to mature at their own pace.

Your son’s Playroom Master will be happy to hear from you at any time, to discuss your son’s development or any concerns you might have.

  • James-Bickerstaff
    Mr James Bickerstaff
    Lower Grammar

    Year 9, age 13-14
    As pupils move up from St Mary’s Hall or other prep schools, many boarding for the first time, Mr Bickerstaff helps them to acclimatise to the more mature, though no less supportive environment of Stonyhurst College and to become active members of our friendly community.

  • David-Eachus
    Mr David Eachus

    Year 10, age 14-15
    In this first GCSE year, Mr Eachus welcomes the Lower Grammar boarding cohort, as well as new boarders joining us for the first time or converting from day pupils. He liaises with tutors to ensure that students receive all of the academic support they need while enjoying the rich social experience of boarding.

  • Reuben-Strain
    Mr Reuban Strain

    Year 11, age 15-16
    As students progress to their critical final GCSE year, Mr Strain liaises with tutors and supports boys as they balance the demands of their academic studies with a continuing commitment to sport or the arts and personal, spiritual and emotional development.

  • Alex-Loney
    Mr Alex Loney

    Year 13, age 17-18
    As students enter the final year of their education at Stonyhurst College, Mr Loney helps to prepare the boys for university while strengthening the personal and spiritual care which will provide a sound foundation for their life beyond Stonyhurst.