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There is a great deal of sisterly affection and a family atmosphere in our two houses, each run by a House Mistress and her team.

If you have any concerns or simply wish to discuss your daughter’s development beyond the classroom, please contact her House Mistress at any time.

  • Mrs Jo Wood
    Lower Line House Mistress

    Years 9-11
    Age 13-16
    Mrs Wood cares for boarders from their arrival at Stonyhurst College until they have completed their GCSEs. She encourages older girls to explore their role as women for others by supporting the younger girls and especially new boarders.

  • Miss Lyndsay Fielding
    Higher Line House Mistress

    Years 12-13
    Age 16-18
    Mrs Fielding nurtures girls as they mature through their A Level or International Baccalaureate years, helping them to strive for academic excellence while maintaining a broad range of interests outside the classroom.