Subject Overview

Chemistry is extremely experimental and exciting right from the very start, pupils undertake practical work which supports and reinforces the theory learnt in lessons. Knowledge of chemicals and chemical processes provides insight into a variety of physical and biological phenomena and provides an excellent basis for understanding the physical universe we live in. Chemistry is a fascinating field of study, playing a role in everyone’s lives and touching almost every aspect of our existence in some way. 

Often referred to as the central science, Chemistry joins together Physics and Mathematics, Biology and Medicine, and the Earth and Environmental sciences. Pupils also benefit from a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities including Chemical Societies for those wanting to extend their skills and knowledge of practical chemistry and competitions such as the Chemistry Olympiad and C3L6.

Pupil exam results are consistently excellent, thanks to quality teaching and excellent preparation. Both the GCSE and A-level courses are rigorous and genuinely academic, providing real and useful qualifications for the future.


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