Subject Overview

Computers are integrated into every part of our lives from travelling, to communicating with friends, to the television programmes we watch. It is almost impossible to imagine a world without computers in the 21st century and a working understanding of the technology behind these great machines is a key skill to have as we continue to evolve.

Computer Science pupils learn to think logically to solve complex, challenging problems. Requiring and developing capabilities in solving multidimensional problems, Computer Science will provide pupils with rewarding possibilities and chances for them to use their imaginations.

Google wasn’t built in a day by one man, it was a team effort that took time. By working on a project in a team, pupils learn to develop strengths in leadership and build new friendships.

Computer Science enables pupils to make a positive difference in the world. It drives the Sciences forward, providing the innovation needed to create essential new vaccines, monitor and alert seismic activity and create safer modes of transport. It touches almost every industry in the world, including business, entertainment and education.