Subject overview

The turbulent economic conditions of the past few years mean that the study of Economics is more relevant than ever. Economics aims to help pupils understand the causes and consequences of current events and policies, and to ensure that they have the necessary systematic and evaluative skills to question the decisions taken by politicians and leaders.

Economics will help pupils to understand economic concepts and theories, through a critical consideration of economic problems and issues that affect our everyday lives, such as:

  • The implications of Brexit
  • Should the MPC increase interest rates now?
  • Is growing income inequality a problem?
  • Are Amazon and Facebook too big?
  • Why does the UK’s poor productivity matter?

At Stonyhurst, we aim to tackle these issues using economic models but also mindful of the ethical and social implications of those economic decisions.  We aim to help our students develop skills and capabilities that will help them in their adult and working lives. 

Economics pupils learning in lessons