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In studying Geography, pupils investigate the interdependent links between people and their environment on local, regional and international scales. The subject encompasses the natural processes that shape the planet, the cultural diversity of its inhabitants, and contemporary issues of the environment and development and geopolitics. 

We aim to support and extend the learning and interests of all pupils through a range of specially arranged activities, including seminars, lectures, field work, and study-day visits, Geography Society evening discussions, as well as a generous provision of extra-support drop-in sessions.

Geography A Level will leave many further education and career doors open. Most importantly, it will give pupils both breadth and depth of study. The specific skills that are also required are numeracy and literacy. The Geographer’s ability to analyse and synthesise different information, and the ability to solve problems and communicate both orally and in written form, is an essential skill.

Stonyhurst Geography Curriculum


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