Course overview

Studying German in Higher Line will open doors to further prestigious universities across the globe, leading to a wider range of career options. By the end of a language course, pupils will have increased confidence in their ability to understand and express themselves fluently when conversing or writing about a wide range of topics.

The more pupils are exposed to the language, the easier it is to develop. Here at Stonyhurst, we arrange a number of trips and exchange programme opportunities for pupils to experience their chosen language first hand. This means the listening and speaking parts of the examinations will become much but also friendships will form which will last a lifetime.

We provide a variety of stimulating course enrichment activities, from watching the latest German films to improving your language skills in Germany on an exchange visit with our partner Jesuit school. Our aim is to help you to develop and share your individual gifts and talents, learn from others and to reach your full potential as both a student and a person, preparing you for a successful future, wherever it may take you.