Global Politics

Subject overview

Stonyhurst offers Global Politics to pupils who are on the IB Diploma pathway. Global Politics is about understanding how our globalised world works and what causes it to change. Through studying IBDP Global Politics, pupils will develop their knowledge of political concepts, systems, actors, and processes; deploying them to critically analyse contemporary real-life political issues and challenges.  

The course is at the heart of the IB ethos and what it means to be a global citizen. The course is structured around 4 core themes that explore:  

  • Power and global politics  
  • Rights and justice  
  • Development and sustainability  
  • Peace and conflict

Global Politics aims to develop a lifetime commitment to active global citizenship through collaboration and agency.  Global Politics compels pupils to consider: How do states exercise power in a variety of ways? How peace and conflict can be managed? How do we achieve and sustain development around the world? How can the global community uphold human rights and prevent abuses? The course is assessed through a combination of examination and internal assessment.  


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