Course overview

Are you curious, articulate, imaginative or argumentative? Are you interested in your world and how it came to be like it is? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then studying History at Stonyhurst College might be for you.

Anyone who comes to Stonyhurst is immediately struck by the sense of history in the buildings and in the traditions. We have a significant collection of books and historical artefacts in the Arundell Library simply waiting to be discovered.

The History Department Stonyhurst aims to develop interest in both Modern and Early Modern history. Topics can be selected from the Eleventh to the Twentieth Century. We aim to develop the knowledge and understanding of as wide a range of periods as possible and to take advantage of the spectacular array of source material that is available to us in the Stonyhurst Museum.

Pupils are very well prepared for university, as demonstrated by the high levels of success achieved in further education by former students in recent years.


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