Athletic Development & Wellbeing - Grammar

Aims & Mission 

Here at Stonyhurst College, the aim of the Lower Grammar PE programme, is to ensure that whatever the sporting aspiration of our students, we will attempt to develop their knowledge, physical competence and hunger to excel in a broad range of physical activities. The curriculum will provide every student with the physical tools to lead active and healthy lifestyles and to make informed choices that, in life outside of the College, will impact their lifestyle, sport and most importantly, their well being.

Curriculum and Assessment

Stonyhurst rugby players heading out to the match fields


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Forward Thinking

The pupil's ability in the Challenges, Fundamental Movements, plus their efforts and engagement in the Wellbeing aspects of the curriculum, will form the pupil's academic grade. As with any academic subject, this grade can be developed, learnt and improved as the year progresses. 

Aspects of the Athletic Development will be furthered within the Games Programme with the aim that when pupils depart Stonyhurst, that they are equipped with the knowledge, physical competence and athletic ability to make responsible choices that positively impact their lifestyle, sport and most importantly, wellbeing beyond life at the College.

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