OCR Cambridge Technical in Sport – Poetry & Rhetoric


The OCR Cambridge Technical in Sport is a relatively new qualification at the College and the first cohort of pupils qualified in the Summer of 2021.

The results and grades have been massively successful so far, and all of the present Rhetoricians achieved grades that are the equivalent to the highest grades at A Level or IB.

What is important to realise is that this qualification is the equivalent to two A-levels in terms of its content and depth.

Course Content

There is a diverse range of topics within the OCR Cambridge Technical in Sport which makes it a hugely interesting course for the students. From the Sport Science of Unit 1, to the Sport Psychology of Unit 19; from the Biomechanics of Unit 10 to the Sports Coaching of Unit 2; and from the Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation of Unit 17 to the how sports organisations are organised and run in Units 3 and 4. The breadth is vast, but very stimulating and, most importantly, relevant to the real world.

The other aspect of the course which is different to A-Levels is that only 3 of the 11 units are assessed by examinations, but that they are worth 33% of the total final mark/grade.

Equally important to understand is that these examinations are 90 minutes in length and that they take place immediately after the content has been taught. This is a huge positive for every student. They are taught the knowledge and then they are assessed by an external OCR examination straight after the teaching has ended. e.g. Unit 1 is taught by Mr Evans from September to December, and then the examination for Unit 1 is taken in early January. Therefore, students do not have to wait one and a half years for the examination. They sit the paper straight away and they will know their results within 8 weeks.

The remaining 67% of the course is assessed via course work, which is marked internally and then moderated externally by OCR.

Again, this aspect of the course has been hugely popular with the students in the present cohorts. Students are taught the content, and then like university students, they have to complete their course work and the tasks within them by a set deadline. Most students enjoy this independent style of learning and the grades over the last three years have been hugely successful.


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There are two pathways that you can chose that include the OCR Cambridge Technical in Sport:

  1. As part of the IBCP - here you will take the OCR Cambridge Technical in Sport and then you will choose two IB subjects to complete your subject choices.
  2. With one A level – choose from any A level to complete your Higher Line selections

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