Grammar Boys Boarding House

The Boys' House

The Grammar Boys' boarding area comprises some 11 boarding rooms, set within three dormitory spaces. We have a recreation room in the boarding area, and a large Playroom, on the ground floor, for the sole use of the Grammar pupils. In here the young people, in addition to social spaces and a TV etc., have access to a basic kitchen and a tuck shop. The Grammar Boarding area is at the highest point in the College and so the boys have marvellous views over various aspects of the College and surrounding area. The boys are also kept quite fit! We have excellent WIFI connectivity in all the bedrooms and communal areas.


The Grammar year is, for many, the start of the transition to maturation and adulthood. This encompasses intellectual and social, as well as physical and spiritual development. In support of the development of the whole person, time is dedicated to self-reflection and to encouraging the boys to be ever more honest, open and proactively conscious about their own formation. We encourage our young people to become more outward looking, and we endeavour to promote and develop their awareness of others, from both within and outside of our close community. This helps develop awareness, tolerance and understanding. Part of the Grammar boarding journey is also about encouraging our young people to take responsibility for their actions, and the promotion of virtues such as integrity, honesty and kindness.

Our overarching ethos and mission is for the care of the individual. 'Cura personalis' is embedded in all that we do within the boarding space and the care, safety and happiness or our pupils is our primary goal.

About the Grammar Boys' House Parent

Thomas Jackson Read is joined by his wife Michelle and their two sons, Leo and Reuben into the Grammar Boys Boarding house. Thomas' previous jobs were predominantly in Physical Education and Humanities. He started his teaching career in Westminster, Central London and then moved to Mombasa, Kenya for a life enriching experience whilst leading a Physical Education department in a British International School. He has recently returned from Windhoek International School, Namibia when he and his family have been living and working for the last eight years.  

Thomas is now thrilled to join the Stonyhurst community as Grammar Boys House Parent. Thomas is passionate about creating a stimulating, thriving and safe environment in which the boys in his care will thrive. Thomas has led various co-curricular educational experiences throughout his career and seeks to actively support and nurture the talents and ambitions of the boys whilst taking pride in the Grammarian experience. 

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Our daily routine

The pupils get up at 07:00 for breakfast at 07:30. After passing room inspection the boys may then collect their electrical devices (phones, laptops, tablets). The day starts at 08:20 with a range of events including Headmaster’s Assembly, tutor time, singing practice (to cover the Hymns for Sunday’s Mass), PSHE and assembly with the Playroom.

Classes commence at 09:00 and there are six lesson slots throughout the day, three in the morning, and three in the afternoon. The day finish around 17:15. Exceptions are Wednesday and Saturday, when classes finish around 12:40 and 11:10, respectively.

In addition to academic lessons, the boys and girls are also involved in sport on Tuesday and Thursday morning (this takes place in one of the lesson slots), and sport forms a big part of Wednesday and Saturday afternoons.

All members of the Grammar Playroom take part in CCF. This happens on Thursday afternoon. The Combined Cadet Force time promotes teamwork and inclusivity, and includes activities as far reaching as marching and developing camping skills to preparing to run an expedition, map reading and weapons handling training.

There are numerous co-curricular activities available after classes. These are followed by supper and then a one hour period of teacher supervised studies.

Free time is until 21:00. The pupils then return to the boarding area and will hand in their electronic devices. We have a dedicated space where the children can charge these over night. 

Night prayers, led by the house parent, take place twice a week. Lights out is at 22:00.

Evenings & weekends 

Evening activities vary from day to day but include more than 75 different clubs and activities alongside time for prep and studies. These include golf, photography, dance, debating, orchestra, scuba, charities and management groups. Weekend activities vary from week to week but include movies, trips to the theatre, going to watch football matches, shopping, playing sport, visiting the Trafford Centre, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, fishing in the Hodder River and many more. 

Boarding life can be quite hectic for our young people. The importance of down time is, therefore, essential, and there are times in the evening when this is possible. In addition, the longer breaks during the day allow time for the boys and girls to decompress a little then, too. This will help them to maintain focus and application when involved in a structured activity, be it a class or an event outside of the academic curriculum.

The weekends allow for a good rest for the boys. They have access to their devices on Saturday evening / night and can watch a movie in bed on their laptop, if they wish to.

A Sunday morning lie in until 09:45am in followed by Mass at 11:00am. After brunch, the boys can take part in the organised activities, if they wish. Some may prefer down time.

Sunday afternoon activities vary from week to week. They include making use of the facilities on campus, so the boys could engage in a game of football, play tennis, golf or badminton, and use the swimming pool, etc. We also have organised events at the College and have BBQs, when the weather permits! Alternatively, we could leave the College on an organised activity. This could be going to the movies, visiting a town centre, go-karting, visiting a theme park, going on a walk, visiting the local river, or some other pursuit. The boys are encouraged to feed into this process and their needs and wants are important.


Key Contacts for Grammar Boys House

Mr Reuban Strain

Mr Reuban Strain

Deputy Head Pastoral, Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr Tom Jackson-Read

Houseparent - Grammar Boys

Mr Ross Barham

Assistant Houseparent - Grammar Boys


Excellent pastoral care and the excellent boarding experience further contribute to pupil’s resilience and independence

ISI Report

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