Grammar Girls Boarding House

The Girls House

Lower Grammar (Year 9) and Grammar (Year 10) girls board together in the same area of the College. The Boarding House is at the top of the main staircase, above the More Library and the Upper Gallery, taking up the full length of the College building with magnificent views across the Avenue.


This house provides a peaceful environment where the girls can be fully themselves without fear of judgement. The girls are encouraged to take part in as many activities as they wish, improving on what they most enjoy, but also discovering new things they may not have thought about doing prior to joining Stonyhurst (for example music, drama, debating). Boarders in this house are encouraged to speak their mind, and not hesitate to voice concerns, knowing they will be listened to and taken seriously.


About the Grammar Girls House Parent

Together with her Deputy, Camille Garnon looks after the girls in the Lower Grammar and Grammar Boarding House. Camille took up the post in September 2020 and lives in the boarding house. In addition to her duties as House Parent, Camille is the French language assistant and is involved in CCF at the College. 

Camille loves watching movies, adores reading and can often be seen with a book in hand. She also likes to explore and discover new things, she walks everywhere and loves to go on long hikes. In the school holidays, Camille likes to travel and spends her time in France visiting family. Listening to music is a favourite past time, especially French and Spanish music, and she loves to cook. 

Prior to joining Stonyhurst, Camille has had two House Parent roles, her first as a language and boarding assistant in a Quarker School in Somerset, then as Deputy House Parent at Tudor Hall, a girls' school in Oxfordshire, for eight years.

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Our daily routine

The pupils get up at 07:00am for breakfast at 07:30am. After passing room inspection the girls may then collect their electrical devices (phones, laptops, tablets). The day starts at 08:20am with a range of events including Headmaster’s Assembly, tutor time, singing practice (to cover the Hymns for Sunday’s Mass), PSHE and assembly with the Playroom.

Classes commence at 09:00am and there are six lessons slots throughout the day, three in the morning, and three in the afternoon. The day finished around 17:15pm. Exceptions are Wednesday and Saturday, when classes finish around 12:40pm and 11:10am, respectively. Boarders are allowed back in the house at 18:30pm after activities and dinner, they then have studies from 19:00pm - 20:00pm then have free time until 21:15pm. Lights out is at 22:00pm.

In addition to academic lessons, the boys and girls are also involved in sport on Tuesday and Thursday morning (this takes place in one of the lesson slots), and sport forms a big part of Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. All members of the Grammar Playroom take part in CCF. This happens on Thursday afternoon. The Combined Cadet Force time promotes teamwork and inclusivity, and includes activities as far reaching as marching to developing camping skills, from preparing to run an expedition and map reading to weapon’s handling training.

Night prayers, led by the house parent, take place twice a week.

Evenings & weekends 

Evening activities vary from day to day but include more than 75 different clubs and activities alongside time for prep and studies. These include golf, photography, dance, debating, orchestra, scuba, charities and management groups. Weekend activities vary from week to week but include movies, theatre going, going to watch football matches, shopping, playing sport, visiting the Trafford Centre, Blackpool Pleasure Beach and fishing in the Hodder River and many more. 

Boarding life can be quite hectic for our young people. The importance of down time is, therefore, essential, and there are times in the evening when this is possible. In addition, the longer breaks during the day allow time for the boys and girls to decompress a little then, too. This will help them to maintain focus and application when involved in a structured activity, be it a class or an event outside of the academic curriculum.

The weekends allow for a good rest for the girls. They have access to their devices on Saturday evening / night and can watch a movie in bed on their laptop, if they wish to.

A Sunday morning lie in until 09:45am in followed by Mass at 11:00am. After brunch, the girls can take part in the organised activities, if they wish. Some may prefer down time.

Sunday afternoon activities vary from week to week. They include making use of the facilities on campus, so the girlss could engage in a game of hockey, play tennis, golf or badminton, and use the swimming pool and so on. We also have organised events at the College and have BBQs and the like, when the weather permits! Alternately, we could leave the College on an organised activity. This could be going to the movies, visiting a town centre, go-karting, visiting a theme park, going on a walk, visiting the local river, or some other pursuit. The girls are encouraged to feed into this process and their needs and wants are important.

Key Contacts for Grammar Girls House

Mrs Melissa Twist

House Parent (Girls) - Lower Grammar & Grammar

Miss Eden Cross

Assistant House Parent - Lower Line Girls

Miss Zoe Livingstone

Assistant Head – Transition, Acting Designated Safeguarding Lead, Head of Spanish


This house provides a peaceful environment where the girls can be fully themselves without fear of judgement.


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