Poetry Girls Boarding House

The Girls House

Rhetoric (Year 13) girls board with Poetry (Year 12) girls in single rooms with shared facilities. This girl's boarding house is the largest boarding house at Stonyhurst, both physically and in the number of boarders and covers the third floor of New Wing, Shirk, and the third floor above the Front Quad.


Rhetoric and Poetry girl's boarding house is a home away from home, where girls are listened to and supported. They join in Year 12 and our aim is to guide them towards becoming the best version of themselves when they leave at the end of Year 13. At Stonyhurst we have a domestic and international cohort of boarders, and this house offers a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in which our girls can work and play. Boarders in this house are encouraged to work hard, support each other, and be on time.


About the House Parent

Together with her highly experienced Deputies, Maggie Strain looks after the girls in Poetry and Rhetoric girl's Boarding House. Maggie has lived at Stonyhurst for over 20 years, and has worked here over 10 years. Living in the boarding house, with her husband Tim, who is Deputy House Parent of Higher Line Boys, Maggie has three adult children, a son who teaches at Stonyhurst, a son who is a PhD student, and a daughter who is completing her MA. Maggie's two grandsons attend our Prep School, Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall. 

Prior to joining Stonyhurst, Maggie was a House Parent at Bedstone College in Shropshire, looking after senior boys, alongside her husband.

In addition to her duties as House Parent, Maggie is an EAL Teacher at Stonyhurst. Maggie loves audiobooks as she love to listen to stories whilst doing other things. She also likes to make and eat vegan food, and enjoys all sorts of needle crafts. Spending time with her family is very important to her and she like things that make her laugh.

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Our daily routine

Boarders register between 7:40am and 08:00 before breakfast (except Sundays), and tutor time or assemblies follow at 8:30am. Lessons run from 9:00am until 5:15pm, although girls often return to their rooms during the day to study if they are between classes, or call in to see the House Parent office for a chat. Supper follows, and then evening studies and extra-curricular activities run from 7:30pm to 9:00pm. The girls can then have some free time until their curfew at 10:00pm and goodnights at 10:30pm.

Evenings & weekends 

Evening activities vary from day to day but include 75 different clubs and activities alongside time for prep and studies. These include golf, photography, dance, debating, orchestra, scuba, charities and management groups. Weekend activities vary from week to week but include movies, theatre going, going to watch football matches, shopping, playing sport, visiting the Trafford Centre, Blackpool Pleasure Beach and fishing in the Hodder River and many more. 

In the evening some girls like to socialise in the Higher Line (Sixth Form) Coffee Room, whereas others will watch a movie or listen to music with friends in the boarding area. At weekends, some like to go on an organised trip, or spend their time studying or relaxing. Girls are encouraged to do what they need to or want to, depending on how they feel, and whether exam season is looming. Free time is invariably spent with friends, either relaxing or working together. Some like to cook food for themselves and their friends, whilst other might go for a run or use the onsite gym. Boarders in Poetry have the opportunity to go into the local village on Saturday afternoons or into the local town of Clitheroe, which many enjoy.


Key Contacts for Poetry Girls House

Mr Edward Allanson

Assistant Head - Higher Line

Mrs Maggie Strain

Houseparent - Poetry & Rhetoric Girls

Mrs Yvette Luker

Deputy House Parent (Girls) - Higher Line

Miss Gracie Caton

Assistant Houseparent - Poetry & Rhetoric

Boarders said that they enjoyed being part of the school community and its close family atmosphere. Boarders of all ages and nationalities are supportive of each other, within a harmonious community.

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