Rhetoric Girls Boarding House

The Girls House

Rhetoric (Year 13) girls board in single rooms with ensuite facilities in the Old Infirmary at the front of the College. This beautiful boarding house looks across to the Avenue, St Peter's Church and the croquet lawns.


Rhetoric girl’s boarding house is the home of our Year 13 girls. We are a welcoming and supportive house that encourages pupils, in this decisive and demanding last year at College, to be women for others, to practice compassion and to face their challenges with a determined and positive attitude. 

Rhetoric girl boarders are encouraged to: 

  • Take part in the boarding community and wider school life.
  • Be respectful and considerate of others and to take care of each other.
  • Try hard, be thankful and be kind to themselves and others.
  • Support each other in everyday challenges.

About the Rhetoric Girls' House Parent

Together with her Deputy, Marta Bermudez Gallego looks after boarders in the Rheoric Girl’s Boarding House. Marta has been in post as House Parent since September 2021. Marta lives in the boarding house with her partner Manuel Romero, who also works at Stonyhurst as Rhetoric boy’s Assistant House Parent, and her rescued Russian cat, Madrid.

Alongside her duties as House Parent, Marta helps in the Spanish Department as a Spanish Assistant working with pupils to practice their oral exam skills and provides private tuition.

This is Marta's ninth academic year working as a boarding professional, a field within Education that she always says she found “by accident” but that very quickly became her vocation and professional career.

Marta has worked in two other Sixth Form Boarding Schools in England, one in Shropshire, St Michael’s College, for two years as a House Parent and the other one in Cambridge, CATS Cambridge and Cambridge Visual and Performing Art School, for almost 5 years where she worked as a House Leader and progressed to Deputy Head of Boarding.

During the past two academic years Marta worked as a Housemistress in a Boarding School for gifted and talented pupils in Moscow, Russia, Letovo School. 

In her spare time Marta loves to travel, read and swim. She enjoys going on walks and painting.

Explore the boarding house

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Explore the Boarding House Bedroom

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Our daily routine

Rhetoric girls register at 8:20am after breakfast, and tutor time, congregational singing or assemblies follow at 8:30am. Lessons run from 9:00am until 5:15pm, although girls can return to their rooms during the day to study if they are between classes, or call in to see the House Parent office for a chat. Dinner takes place from 5:45pm to 7:00pm and then evening studies and extra-curricular activities run from 7:15pm to 8:45pm. The girls can then have some free time until their curfew at 10:15pm and goodnights at 10:45pm.

Evenings & weekends 

Evening activities vary from day to day but include more than 100 different clubs, societies and activities alongside time for studies. Rhetoricians are involved in the whole school production, leading the pupil body as members of the school committee, orchestra and choir members, hockey team players, society members, etc. They also join sport activities such as badminton, exercising in the gym and swimming in the sports centre. Before going to bed they gather in the kitchen area, prepare some snacks and warm drinks while they socialise and relax.

In the evening some girls like to socialise in the Higher Line (Sixth Form) Coffee Room, whereas others will watch a movie or listen to music with friends in the boarding area. At weekends, some like to go on an organised trip, or spend their time studying or relaxing. Girls are encouraged to fulfil their needs and take care of themselves depending on the circumstances, and whether exam season is looming. Free time is invariably spent with friends, either relaxing or working together. Some like to cook food for themselves and their friends, whilst other might go for a run or use the onsite gym. Boarders in Rhetoric have the opportunity to go into the local village on Saturday afternoons or into the local town of Clitheroe, which many enjoy.


Key Contacts for Rhetoric Girls House

Mr Edward Allanson

Assistant Head - Higher Line

Miss Sophia Free

Assistant Houseparent - Rhetoric Girls

Mrs Maggie Strain

House Parent (Girls) - Poetry & Rhetoric Girls


Excellent pastoral care and the excellent boarding experience further contribute to pupil’s resilience and independence

ISI Report

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