Syntax Boys Boarding House

The Boys House

Syntax (Year 11) boys board in rooms of 2-3. The boarding house is situation in the West Wing. This part of the building is located past St Peter’s Church as you walk towards the main College reception, or ‘Glass Doors’, on the left hand side.


The Syntax House spirit is one of looking out for those around you and respecting the home you live in, as well as those who live with you. It is important that the boys feel like Syntax Boarding is their ‘home away from home’. The boys are encouraged to make the most of their opportunities at Stonyhurst. They know to try their best in whatever they do and the boarding team will support them in getting them from A to B. They are encouraged to be a role model to others and to be the person they want to become. After all, no one does a better job at being you than you, so it is so important they make the most of what Stonyhurst has to offer.


Explore a boarding house

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Our daily routine

The daily routines starts with a wake up at 7:00am to be registered at breakfast between 7:15am and 7:45am. Room inspections commence at 8:00am, with electronic devices being handed out shortly after. From then, the boys will be out of the boarding house in lessons or games, until the end of the school day, where they will either have free time or attend activities or clinics before supper and then studies at 19:00pm. Studies last till 20:15pm and afterwards the boys have free time. Often free time is spent making use of the Astro Turf, playing football or rugby. At 21:30pm the boys hand in all the electronics in preparation for at 22:00pm lights out.

Evenings & weekends 

Evening activities vary from day to day but include more than 100 different clubs and activities alongside time for prep and studies. These include golf, photography, dance, debating, orchestra, scuba, charities and management groups. Weekend activities vary from week to week but include movies, theatre going, going to watch football matches, shopping, playing sport, visiting the Trafford Centre, Blackpool Pleasure Beach and fishing in the Hodder River and many more. Syntax boys love to get outdoors to play a big game of football and it has become a tradition to play football straight after Mass in time for brunch on Sunday. The boys also enjoy to play table tennis which is a very popular activity in the evening. Free time may also be spent exploring the fabulous grounds, making use of the fantastic facilities, or may just want to relax in the Playroom with their friends.


Key Contacts for Syntax Boys House

Mr Rory Mellows

Head of Physics, Deputy House Parent (Boys) - Syntax

Mr Fraser Dewar

House Parent (Boys) - Syntax Boys

Mr Reuban Strain

Assistant Head - Middle School


Excellent pastoral care and the excellent boarding experience further contribute to pupil’s resilience and independence

ISI Report

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