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The best thing about working in the Careers Department is when an OS returns to the College a few years later and thanks us for helping them to make good choices during their time at Stonyhurst. When someone says “You helped me to make my choices and I’m really happy with where I am as a result” - that is really rewarding! 

Emily Nolan, Head of Careers

The Careers Department is here to help pupils understand the options available to them at various stages of their academic journey, offering a wealth of resources that can be utilised in the careers library.

We have ambitious plans for our pupils and make use of our contacts with universities, professionals and OS network to deliver a thriving, supportive and beneficial programme in line with the ‘8 Gatsby Benchmarks of Good Career Guidance’ found within the Department for Education Careers Statutory Guidance document (2018).

Our Door is Always Open

Throughout their time at Stonyhurst, pupils are welcome to visit the Careers department at any time for individual discussions. Regular events, talks and displays also introduce them to a range of possibilities, such as careers in STEM and apprenticeships, as well as a regular focus on making a real difference in the world today. 

Rhetoric (Year 13) pupils share the benefit of their experience with younger pupils in the school in the Service Learning Careers Project, where tutor groups of younger pupils question Rhetoricians about subject and career choices. 

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