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“Having a tutor specifically supporting me with my Oxbridge application was reassuring and extremely helpful. I could ask questions, get advice and have a chat any time I felt I needed pastoral support or encouragement.” 

Charlotte Redmond,OS 2013, Biomedical Science at Oxford


In Poetry, pupils have a series of assemblies to introduce them to important information about careers and university options. Sessions are offered to anyone interested in applying to American /Canadian universities, Australia/New Zealand, Asian, European universities or apprenticeships. Pupils looking to find employment are also given individual support. A number of groups begin meeting regularly throughout Poetry, including the MedSoc for those interested in medicine, LawSoc for potential lawyers, and a group for pupils considering Oxbridge or other highly competitive universities. These groups combine discussion sessions, talks from university staff and input from our wonderful OS to inspire current pupils.

Pupils continue to use the Start Profile website which was introduced in Lower Line to explore possible careers and to keep a record of their achievements. Tutors regularly discuss future plans with their groups, and all pupils visit the Careers department. Further assemblies introduce Poets to the importance of university open days and work experience opportunities, as well as ways to push themselves beyond the basic curriculum in their chosen subject area in preparation for making a strong university application. Potential Oxbridge candidates attend the Oxbridge conference and are then allocated a subject mentor to support them. All Poets also attend a day at Lancaster University where they can learn more about the application process and life at university.  They also attend the UCAS Exhibition in Manchester.  

In the Summer Term, Poets attend a full-day UniFest, organised by Stonyhurst, where they hear talks from university admissions tutors, learn more about alternative pathways such as apprenticeships, and spend time with their tutors registering with UCAS and beginning their personal statements. They are then encouraged to visit the Careers department for individual support, especially those applying for international universities. Tutors and Careers staff also provide a huge amount of support in choosing which courses to apply for. 

"Stonyhurst supported me throughout the university application process, providing UCAS submission classes, personal statement advice and trips to attend university conventions. For Oxbridge students, there were opportunities to take part in subject-specific mock interviews and to practise pitching academic interests to an audience; experience which undoubtedly helped me secure my university place at Cambridge." 

George Cowperthwaite,OS 2016, Maths at Cambridge


In Rhetoric, pupils complete their university applications, whether that be through UCAS for UK universities or by making applications to a wide range of international universities. The Careers staff and tutors continue to provide a wealth of support in selecting courses, completing applications, and checking personal statements. Indeed, Careers staff are on hand every lunch time and during pupil’s studies periods to help with this and are very experienced with UK and overseas universities. Pupils are also encouraged to use the Stonyhurst Link programme to engage with the collective experience of our OS. 

The Oxbridge group meets regularly and allows students to give presentations on a topic of their choice, as well as preparing students for any pre-interview tests or written work submissions which are required. LawSoc and MedSoc also meet regularly to support students applying for Law and Medicine. An apprenticeship group also meet regularly.  Mock interviews are offered by a range of Stonyhurst staff, OS and other professional contacts for Oxbridge candidates, medics and others who will be interviewed for their courses. An interview preparation session is also run by an external expert in communication and presentation skills. 

The assembly programme includes information on responding to offers, student finance, as well as options on results day such as Clearing and deferring a place. The Careers staff are, of course, on hand on IB and A Level results days to help ensure all our pupils are fully supported and ready for their exciting next steps after their time at Stonyhurst. 

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