Lower Line Careers Programme

Lower Grammar

In Lower Grammar, pupils begin by discussing their future options with their tutors, particularly using the Start Profile site, where they can explore possible careers and begin recording their achievements. Following a series of assemblies, they then work with tutors and the Careers department on choosing their GCSE options. This discernment process includes a Stonyhurst workbook and discussions with teachers and tutors at the LG parents’ weekend. 

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In Grammar, pupils continue to work with the Careers staff and their tutors, using the Start Profile site and other helpful workbooks to explore their plans for the future. There is a focus on identifying their strengths, as well as working on employability skills which will help them in the workplace. 

In Summer term, Grammarians complete a CV which is then used during their individual mock interview with an external local employer who is usually a parent or OS. These activities prepare pupils for work experience.

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During their Syntax year, pupils undertake the important task of choosing their A Level or IB options. In preparation for this, pupils and their parents first attend the Higher Line Open Evening where they can find out more about the various courses on offer. All Syntaxians then undertake the MyFutureChoice programme, which identifies which types of careers they may be best suited to. This programme is now delivered online.

This comprises the MyCareerChoice and MyAptitude tests, and results in an individual report. Following this, every Syntaxian has a one-to-one interview with a member of the Careers and Higher Line team to discuss their options. They continue to work with tutors, using Start Profile and workbooks, as well as visiting the Careers department for individual support. Syntaxians are encouraged to attend talks relating to specialist options, such as Law, Medicine, apprenticeships, and elite universities.

In addition, Stonyhurst offers a wide range of co-curricular options which nurture interests in a variety of careers, such as Young Enterprise, Faith that Does Justice, Debating, the Changemakers Society, Robotics, and many more.

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