College & Sixth Form Chaplaincy

The Heart of the School

Our Faith is at the centre of everything we do at Stonyhurst. As a community we seek to do everything to the greater glory of God, so that our Faith informs the high standards we strive to achieve from day to day.

Our Chaplaincy Team is made up of the lay Director of Christian Formation and our Jesuit Chaplain who is also the Parish Priest.

Prayer and Worship

All pupils are encouraged to participate in the rich and vibrant spiritual life of the school. We welcome young people of all Christian traditions, other faiths and none, encouraging them to play as full a part as they can in all that we offer; we are proud of our Catholic heritage, pedagogy and tradition.

Our Prayer and Worship Programme includes:

  • Daily morning prayer
  • Weekly Boarding House prayers
  • Weekly Benediction
  • Sunday Mass
  • School Feast Day and Holy Day of Obligation Masses
  • Optional daily Mass
  • Optional prayer groups such as Sodality, our longest-standing prayer group, continuously existing since the College’s founding in St Omer in 1593
  • Termly Playroom Worship: a prayer service planned and delivered by the pupils

Our Catechetical Programme includes:

  • Annual Whole School Retreat Day
  • Optional Retreats throughout the year, including CYMFed National Youth Funday, Youth 2000, FLAME Congress and a relaxation retreat in the run up to exams
  • Preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation
  • Altar Servers’ Formation Programme, available to all year groups
  • Eucharistic Ministers’ Formation Programme, available to Rhetoric (Year 13) pupils

Social Justice

Working for Social Justice has always been a core part of the Jesuit Mission. The phrase ‘Men and Women for Others’ was first used by Fr Pedro Arrupe, Superior General of the Society of Jesus 1965 to 1983, who emphasised that a Jesuit education was about more than simply teaching young people; it was about guiding pupils to put their gifts and talents towards helping others.

The phrase is rooted in the spirituality of St Ignatius, founder of the Jesuits, who challenged his followers to ‘go, set the world ablaze’ through acts of generosity and selfless service. Christ invites all of us into his work of healing the world.

Our Social Justice programme includes:

  • CYMFed Faith in Action Award Scheme – a nationally recognised Catholic award scheme combining leadership in prayer and worship with social justice projects. Pupils begin the award scheme in Lower Grammar at bronze level and work their way up to gold as they progress through the College.
  • Arrupe Programme – based on Fr Pedro Arrupe’s call to be ‘Men and Women for Others’, our Poetry pupils give service in the local community, working on projects such as a Coffee Stop for local, retired residents, reading programmes with primary school pupils, running a second-hand uniform shop and fundraising for charitable causes.
  • Wheelchair Dancing (as part of the Arrupe Programme)
  • Environmental Society
  • Regular opportunities for pupils to fundraise for causes that the College is supporting

The spiritual values the school holds are about forming wise, eloquent, generous young people - an uplifting aspiration which cuts across humanity.

The Good Schools Guide

Group of pupils and young children at wheelchair dancing

Being a part of the Arrupe programme has helped me to develop many skills, such as communication and teamwork as we work together to help others and one another. I have gained a stronger appreciation for all the small things in life, especially by seeing how much they can mean to others, yet it only takes a small amount of effort from us (the pupils). I have loved being able to give back, fundraise and help others throughout the Arrupe programme and look forward to whatever we will go onto next.

Sophie, Poetry pupil

Pastoral Care

Our Chaplaincy team are part of the wider pastoral care team at Stonyhurst. It is a core part of their Christian calling to minister pastorally to the needs of any member of the Stonyhurst community and they are available throughout the school week for this purpose.

The Chaplaincy centre sits at the heart of the College and all are welcome to use it as a quiet space for reflection and socialising outside of lesson times.

Our College Chapels

We have three beautiful chapels in use at Stonyhurst College, along with the Jesuit Church of St Peter's, which sits on the same site as the College. Explore some of these historical places of worship below through our Virtual Tour platform.

Inside the College chapel


College Chapel

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St Peter's Church

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Sodality Chapel

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Angels' Chapel

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If you would like to learn more about the Chaplaincy programme or our Catholic and Jesuit identity, please contact our Admissions team. Alternatively, we would be delighted to welcome you and your family to Stonyhurst College at an open event or as a private visit to get a real feel for life here as a day pupil or boarder.

Stonyhurst pupil handing toy to boy in wheelchair

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