Visual Arts

We encourage all of our pupils, including those who are not studying arts subjects, to take full advantage of the facilities on offer in our well-equipped art and design studios where we nurture self-expression and creativity in all forms.

Embracing creativity

In addition to academic study in the Art Department we are an open access area for students to explore their creativity. In any given week students are welcome to attend activity sessions in art regardless of their artistic talents. They will be guided through a workshop exploring a different aspect of art each week. This is designed to be fun and to further develop your practical skill base and gain a greater understanding of contemporary artwork and its place in todays’ society.

We have additional provision in place for our art scholarship pupils to extend their specialist interest beyond the classroom and work on more sustained pieces of art. With unique access to the Old Masters in the Stonyhurst Museum such as ‘Durer and Rembrandt’ our scholars have an opportunity to create work that takes risks and allows them to play with materials to understand what type of artist they are. This work is celebrated in exhibitions at college and external publications to inspire the next generation in the school.

Areas included in co-curricular art activities provision:

  • Social, Political and emotional art
  • Contemporary craft
  • Fashion design
  • Traditional painting and drawing
  • Three dimensional design
  • Illusion art
  • Illustration
  • Photography

The Art Department is a creative hub with a colourful atmosphere, a creative space to feel comfortable to experiment in a safe nurtured environment.
Learn more about art and view our latest exhibition here.

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