The Stonyhurst Diploma

The Stonyhurst Diploma recognises the contribution of pupils to the other half of a Stonyhurst education. The Award has three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold, in a cycle that starts by introducing all pupils to the four central strands of the traditional Stonyhurst co-curriculum (Adventure, Chaplaincy, Performing Arts, Sport) and then supports them in specialising as their talents and interests emerge.

In Lower Grammar (Year 9), all pupils should achieve a Bronze Award, combining as a Playroom community in shared endeavour across the four strands of the co-curriculum. In Grammar (Year 10) and Syntax (Year 11), pupils must continue this all-round commitment to secure a Silver Award. Finally, in Higher Line (Sixth Form) pupils must take on the mantle of leaders, ensuring traditions are maintained, strengthened and passed on to the next generation of Stonyhurst pupils. The Gold Award recognises those who take up that challenge.

Bronze Award

All Lower Grammarians (Year 9 pupils) complete the following (as a minimum) to achieve their Bronze Award:


Lower Grammar Expedition and preparation classes


Bronze Faith In Action Award

Performing Arts:

The Lower Grammar Play


Training and Fixtures in our traditional field sports: Hockey, Netball, Rugby and Cricket

Silver Award

All Grammarians (Year 10) and Syntaxians (Year 11) should complete one of the following commitments in each strand to achieve a Silver Award:


Complete two years of service in the CCF; Complete the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award; Attend CCF Camp; represent Stonyhurst at Bisley; Achieve regional/national recognition in any Adventure Sport.


Complete the Confirmation Programme; Complete the Silver Faith in Action Award; Complete 25 hours of charitable service; Serve at Mass 25 times; Complete 25 hours of gardening in the Laudato Si Garden; represent the College at annual conferences on the environment/youth ministry/Jesuit Education.

Performing Arts: 

Be a member of the cast/crew of the Whole School Production; Perform in 10 concerts; Complete two music/dance/LAMDA/drama grades; Be selected for a national performance organisation; represent the College at Mun/Debating.


Represent the College 25 times (including Cricket Scoring); Achieve regional/national recognition in a sport; Represent their Line in six sporting events; Write 15 sporting articles for The Stonyhurst Record or Windhover Magazine.

Gold Award

In Higher Line (Sixth Form), the Stonyhurst Diploma is all about leadership. A pupil can receive a Gold Award, Service Colours, at any point in Higher Line but it is a distinctive mark of those who are the custodians of all the Stonyhurst traditions that make us who we are and that need to be passed on to junior Playrooms. A Gold Award is in the gift of the Headmaster and requires two members of staff to write to him personally recommending a pupil for the Award.

Some examples of leadership opportunities for Higher Line Pupils:


  • Becoming a JUO and completing your responsibilities to your company in an exemplary fashion.
  • Volunteering to support Bronze D of E.
  • Assisting with the Lower Grammar Expedition.
  • Captaining the Shooting Team.


  • Demonstrating five years commitment to a charity.
  • Starting a successful and durable charity.
  • Performing Head Sacristan duties to an exceptional level.
  • Being recognised regionally/nationally for your Chaplaincy work.
  • Overseeing a major Chaplaincy initiative.
  • Contributing to Faith in Action for junior Playrooms over an extended period of time.

Performing Arts

  • Being the lead in the school production, both on and off the stage.
  • Directing a school production.
  • Leading the orchestra, including nurturing junior talent.
  • Leading the choir, including rehearsing junior pupils.
  • Becoming the Sunday organist.
  • Organising major musical/theatrical events.


  • Performing captaincy roles to an exceptional level.
  • Supporting the coaching of junior teams over an extended period of time.
  • Supporting sport by organising supporters, chants, refreshments or through journalism, photojournalism or statistical analysis.
  • Demonstrating exceptional team spirit over an extended period.
  • Leading your Line with dedication or making an exceptional contribution.

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