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The Health Centre recognise that maintaining the health and wellbeing of our pupils is paramount in assisting them to reach their full potential.

A team of highly qualified nurses and Health Care Assistants are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week to provide care and support for Stonyhurst pupils. The team are located at the College, in a self-contained Health Centre, also incorporating an inpatient facility. The Health Centre Team hold pupil drop-in clinics throughout the day, offering first aid, health advice, emotional support and referral to specialist services.

Health Centre Team

"Public Health England are more than pleased with the infection control measures, Stonyhurst Health centre have put in place to manage the Covid 19 pandemic.  Jemma Lancashire Infection and Prevention team." 

Jemma, Lancashire Infection and Prevention Team

Individualised Support

Whilst we recognise the majority of pupils remain fit and well, we welcome pupils with a wide range of health and medical conditions and endeavor to accommodate all pupils. Our aim is to support each pupil’s individual health needs, enabling them to have a fully inclusive and equitable school life by understanding their condition and promoting their independence.

Each of our nurses are linked with a year group, so to work closely with pupils, parents, specialist doctors and health professionals, providing coordinated healthcare and continuity, throughout a pupil’s Stonyhurst life. We encourage all health conditions to be fully disclosed on the pupil’s health information form which is kept confidential and is only shared following pupil and parental consent.

The school's Health Team are involved in promoting the wider public health issues through our involvement in PSHE sessions to promote the development of positive lifestyle choices. These lessons aim to encourage pupil independence and responsibility, in all aspects of their health and wellbeing.

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Health Centre Inpatient Admissions

Parents or UK guardians will be informed as soon as is practicably possible when a pupil is admitted as an inpatient to the Health Centre and will be kept up to date daily as to their condition and progress made. Parents are encouraged to contact the Health Centre staff should they require any further information. 

Our inpatient overnight provision supports the segregation of different age groups and genders. We offer separate bathrooms and toilet facilities for males and female pupils. The pupils also have access to a recreational day room which supports their rest and recovery. 

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