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Stonyhurst College is an exciting time for our young people. After progressing from the Prep School, they enter the world of adulthood where they discover their passions and talents by immersing themselves fully into academic and co-curricular life.

Teaching encourages pupils within the College to work and research independently and to think for themselves more so as they work their way through the year groups. The pupils in our care are given the individual attention, resources and space in which to grow intellectually, spiritually and emotionally.

Year groups explained...

Please note, from September 2024 Figures and Rudiments pupils (Years 7 and 8 from St Mary's Hall) will move up to Stonyhurst College into a newly designated space, Aloysius House. Boarding for these year groups will remain at St Mary’s Hall.  

Playroom/year group Education stage Age of child
Lower Grammar Year 9 13-14


Year 10 14-15
Syntax Year 11 15-16
Poetry* Year 12 16-17
Rhetoric* Year 13 17-18

* Poetry and Rhetoric are part of Stonyhurst College but these two year groups make up Higher Line (Sixth Form).

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Did you know... at Stonyhurst the word 'Playroom' represents each year group but also the name of the social space where pupils socialise and relax throughout the day.


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The children's desire to help others introduces them to values to enable them to make a future positive contribution to modern democracy in society, one of several British characteristics that are actively promoted.

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