Sisters' Walk 

Perhaps one of the most significant landmarks, which remains in our former pupils’ minds, is Brothers’ Walk. This path, although simple, is an important feature that links the College to St Mary’s Hall. Many pupils, past and present have walked, and continue to walk along it, to lessons, Games and to take that leap from the Prep School to the College. This year, we turn our attention to the path that runs parallel to Brothers’ Walk as we rename it from ‘Sports Hall Walk’ to ‘Sisters’ Walk’.

As we celebrate 20 years of full co-education, it seems fitting that we have both a 'Brothers' Walk' and a 'Sisters' Walk', both paths link St Mary's Hall and the College and we look forward to seeing the generations of St Mary’s Hall and Stonyhurst College pupils who will walk down this path, numerous times during their school career, as they progress to be all that they can be.

‘Quant Je Puis’.

The renaming will take place this May 2020, with all sisters in the school invited to attend the renaming event, which will include a blessing and prayers, followed by refreshments at Stonyhurst St Mary's Hall.

Stonyhurst celebrates 20 Years of Full Co-education 

We will be hosting an event in the South, inviting our OS to join us in celebrating co-education and all things Stonyhurst!

Watch this space for more details! 

Stonyhurst Girls' Festival of Cricket 

On the 19th June 2020, we will be holding a cricket match between Stonyhurst and the Lancashire Cricket Academy for Girls. This will an exciting day for all, be sure to watch this space for more details!