Last Thursday, those Rhetoricians who were still present in the College came together for a final hymn practice before they departed for the holidays.

Emotions ran high amongst both staff and pupils as the Playroom’s favourites were belted out – surprisingly tunefully – in St Peter’s, under Deputy Head (Pastoral), Vincent Sharples’, expert conducting and explanations of the hymns.

Opening with At the Name of Jesus, those gathered raised the roof with other declarations of their Faith and shared Spirit including Once to Every Man and Nation, I Vow to Thee, Jerusalem and of course, the Pater Noster.

Though tears ran freely for many pupils, an overwhelming atmosphere of joy and camaraderie was felt by all those gathered in St Peter’s.

The Headmaster opened with words of thanks and encouragement to the Playroom in this difficult time and Fr Tim Curtis SJ, led the pupils in a reflection on the Jesuit Pupil Profile virtues.

The Head of Playroom, Tim Hanley’s, simple declaration was left echoing at the end: that by the pupils coming together to put on this modest, though remarkable event, the Playroom had said everything that was needed about what kind of year group they have been at the College.