This half-term, all pupils in Jesuit schools are focusing on the Pupil Profile Virtues of Compassionate and Loving, growing to be compassionate towards others, near and far, especially the less fortunate; and loving by their just actions and forgiving words.

The Jesuit Institute, which works alongside all UK Jesuit schools, has this to say about the virtue pair:

Schools build on the foundations laid by parents.  By building up communities characterised by compassion and love, schools create the context in which children can learn and acquire these virtues for themselves.  Schools can also show their pupils people, living and dead, who exemplify these virtues and, conversely, show situations where their opposites have done terrible damage to people and society.  In an educational context, we should take children to horizons of experience that may be very unfamiliar to them and give them perspectives which allow them to see the world as the compassionate and loving God sees it, “gazing down on the face and circuit of the earth and deciding to work the redemption of the human race.” (Spiritual Exercises n.106-7)

This term, pupils are being given the opportunity to be actively compassionate and loving through Chaplaincy co-curricular options, such as:

  • Arrupe, where pupils are planning a social justice day on Religious Persecution, to be shared with other schools.
  • Faith in Action bronze award, where pupils are planning an event to raise awareness on local homelessness.
  • Changemakers, where pupils are discussing social justice issues that they feel passionate about.
  • A project to recycle and re-purpose unneeded uniform and home clothes.
  • Recording prayer services for those who had hoped to go to Lourdes this year, but are unable to due to the pandemic.