St Joseph’s, Hurst Green and St Aloysius’ Junior school, Glasgow joined Josh and Magnus, (our two Rudiments – year 8 - Jesuit missions climate change ambassadors at SMH) in a video conference on Wednesday 29th Jan (facilitated by the online platform for Jesuit schools: Educate Magis).

We were joined by Lynn McWilliams from Jesuit Missions (JM) who gave a wonderful overview of how JM are responding to crises around the world which stem increasingly from the effects of climate change.

The children began by outlining their understanding of the Paris Agreement (the agreement of many of the world’s leaders to combat climate change and accelerate actions needed for a sustainable low carbon future).

We then shared what actions we had taken in our schools and locally and there was evidence of genuine commitment to raising awareness and the petitioning of leaders in our community and constituency. The pupils elaborated on how they had been active in making small changes to reduce energy consumption and waste as well as improvements in recycling.

Suggestions for ways to celebrate what we are already doing in our schools and communities included: sharing good practice; more community events to clean beaches, rivers and planting to protect wildlife; adding our voices to, and learning from, those in Jesuit schools around the world, especially those who are experiencing the effects of climate change.

The messages to those world leaders meeting in November at COP 26 are emphatic...“Don’t delay with targets set too far in the future – act now!”; “Be united in caring for others” and “Less politics and more action on climate change.”