We were extremely happy to welcome Mr Waterton OS '65 who treated our 'Waterton Society' to a talk on his great, great, great grandfather (and the inspiration for the society) Charles Waterton, the pioneering conservationist and explorer.

Our pupils were enthralled by the talk which covered Charles Waterton's discovery of curare and the early experiment he performed on a donkey to highlight its properties as a muscle relaxant; his role in establishing the first conservation area; how he was a pioneer in recognising the impact that non native species have on an environment and how Charles Waterton mentored Charles Darwin in the art of taxidermy. 

Mr Waterton also talked very enthusiastically about the high quality of the education he received from the Jesuits at Stonyhurst, in particular the focus on being curious and questioning and his role as a Geotechnical civil engineer. 

Many thanks to Mr Waterton for visiting Stonyhurst and for giving such an interesting talk to our pupils.