Damian Bond, OS83 has worked in clinical diagnostics for 34 years. He was part of the team that launched the Clearblue pregnancy test worldwide where it rapidly became the market leader. This possible warrants a claim for him being responsible for more women knowing they are pregnant than any other man alive.

During the COVID-19 pandemic he has been working with a London based diagnostics company on developing a molecular assay for COVID-19. The first step involves extacting and purifying the RNA from the sample. Supplies of extraction kits are very limited and generic. They developed a custom kit for COVID-19 swab samples and this has been adopted by a Public Health England testing lab. They are close to launching a full testing kit, which incorporates extraction, amplification and detection in both high throughput testing and a bedside test format.

He has summarised the Government's 5 pillar testing strategy in the attached article, which describes the technologies used and the strengths and limitations of each approach. It is not as simple as "Give me a test". The article can be found here