The College standard is again flying high today to celebrate the achievements of the Syntax class of 2020. Throughout their time in Lower Line they have shown great generosity with their gifts and talents whether representing the College at sport, in the classroom, or taking part in a wide range of activities. During the final term they demonstrated their compassion by caring for their peers and their wisdom in the way in which they engaged with their online courses. These results reflect their active engagement in their academic studies and their resilience in the face of the challenges they have faced. We celebrate with them in attaining results of which they should all be very pleased. 

Stonyhurst GCSE 2020 highlights:

  • 19% of pupils achieved a grade 9
  • 40.2% achieved 9-8
  • 63.2% achieved 9-7
  • 98.7% achieved 9-4
  • 2 candidates achieved 9 grade 9s, 1 candidate achieved 8 grade 9s.
  • 8 candidates achieved at least grade 8 in every subject

John Browne, Head of Stonyhurst, said: 

Many congratulations to our Syntax pupils on their achievements. The Jesuit concept of having ‘one foot in the air’, ready for the next challenge, has perhaps never been more relevant, and the resilience and positivity shown by our Syntax Playroom in this challenging year has been remarkable. They can now look to the future as they start Higher Line with real optimism and hope.

Stonyhurst College Front