SMH Christmas Parents Weekend 2020


Thursday 10th to Saturday 12th December 2020

End of Christmas Term Celebrations

Term in Review Video

A brief review of the Christmas term here at St Mary's Hall, covering everything from welcoming the children back to school to our last few days before the Christmas break. Enjoy!

Thursday 10 December


18:00 pm - LAMDA Showcase

LAMDA exams are about achievement – recognising and rewarding the endeavours of each individual – but they are also about empowerment. Our aim is to provide all pupils with the opportunity to develop the life skills they need to be a success: attributes such as self-confidence and the ability to communicate clearly and present ideas.

Please enjoy a brief cross section of LAMDA pupils from across the school, some in rehearsal and some polished pieces.

LAMDA Showcase Video

Friday 11 December


16:30 pm - Pre-Prep Nativity 

This year’s Nativity, A bundle of Joy, has seen the Pre-Prep children, 'on location' around our beautiful campus. As we are unable to gather to watch the Nativity in the Theatre this year, the Pre-Prep staff saw this as a perfect opportunity capture this special story a little differently! Kings were spotted on Stonyhurst CCTV, whilst Mary and Joseph travelled a long way, enduring the Lancashire weather! We hope you enjoy the children’s performance.

Pre-Prep Nativity Video


18:00 pm - Christmas Concert 

A montage of performances from St Mary's Hall musicians recorded in class, music lessons, and at recs and lunchtimes.

Christmas Concert Video

Saturday 12 December


09:00 am - Final Line Assembly

This line period has been a busy one with all pupils across the school contributing to their line totals in a variety ways. 

A competitive set of sporting fixtures, including the interline swimming brought an end to the second line period this week. The question of who has won the competition this half term remains unanswered, so find out who won here...

Line Assembly Video


10:00 am - Jesuit Schools' Advent Liturgy 

Welcome to our Advent Liturgy.

This includes contributions from the family of eleven Jesuit Schools in the UK.

Advent is a time of preparing, waiting and changing. Together we wait in joyful hope for the coming of Christ our Saviour, at Christmas.

Advent Liturgy Video


11:00 am - Carol Service 

A traditional service of readings and carols, recorded in small groups, and then mixed together, so the whole school is singing together virtually.

Carol Service Video


16:00 pm - Carols Round the Tree

Gather round the Christmas tree in the Ref for a traditional singalong with Mr Mann, including carols, Christmas songs and the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Carols Round the Tree Video


18:00 pm - Upper Elements Production of ''Who Took all the Loo Roll'

Easy to rehearse and perform in bubbles, our post-lockdown musical film 'Who took all the loo roll' is a joyful celebration of the human spirit! Referencing our world’s recent troubles in a sensitive way, the story looks at our Christmas traditions and how they bring out the best in us. The show also uses humour to highlight some of the strange behaviour we have displayed during the extraordinary year of 2020!

''Who Took all the Loo Roll'' Video