Combined Cadet Force | Posted 07.10.2016

Stonyhurst Hot Shots

Stonyhurst Hot Shots

On the weekend of the 23-25th September Stonyhurst Combined Cadet Corps attended a Cadet Shooting Meeting at Fulwood Barracks in Preston

The Event was hosted by 42nd Infantry Brigade and Headquarters North West, where 41 other teams from across Lancashire, Merseyside, Manchester, and Cumbria competed, with over 164 Firers from CCF and ACF Units.

Stonyhurst shot extremely well, with the Stonyhurst College A Team reaching the Semi-Finals of the Falling Plate Competition.

Both Stonyhurst Teams shot well and a special mention goes to Edward Harris, who beat 164 Firers in the Advance to Contact match to win a Gold Medal and take the trophy for Stonyhurst College.

The Stonyhurst Cadet Team was:

Edward Harris
Jack Reynolds
James Tung
Samuel Clews
Celina Guzkowska
Maria Golden
Elizabeth Simpson-Pattison