Events & Speakers | Posted 22.09.2016

On Wednesday 21st September, to coincide with World Peace Day, Stonyhurst welcomed Dr Colin Parry OBE to address the upper sixth form pupils as part of their Magis programme.  He spoke very movingly about how his son, Tim, was killed by an IRA bomb in Warrington in March 1993.  Since then, he and his wife Wendy have raised money to set up the Warrington Peace Centre.  This is an outstanding venue and acts as a beacon in furthering peace and reconciliation in an increasingly troubled world.  The presentation was powerful with a wide and interesting Q & A session to follow.

After the talk Dr Parry visited St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Primary School in Hurst Green to talk to a younger audience who also fully engaged in his message of peace!  This was a memorable day for all who heard his appeal for compassion and understanding at this particular juncture in world events.  The Stonyhurst College and St Josephs R C Primary School are most grateful for his visit.

Each year the International Day of Peace is observed around the world on 21 September.

The day was established in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly and in 2001, the General Assembly voted to designate the day as a period of non-violence and ceasefire.