Clubs & Societies | Posted 09.09.2016

This July the Stonyhurst College Robotics Club team, accompanied by Mr Bickerstaff and Mr Barratt, travelled to Leipzig in Germany to represent the United Kingdom in the World International Robotic Football Competition.  The Robotics Club has won the UK National competition each year for the past 6 years, but this is the first year they have been able to go on and attend the international round of the competition, which is held during the school holidays.

Jan Zimoch, Vincent Ng, Harry Isley, George Cowperthwaite and Marcin Ossowski competed as the UK in the Junior Lightweight League, where two teams of robots play 2-a-side football, coming 13th out of 22 individual national teams.

In the SuperTeam League, where matches of 5-a-side football are played, they teamed up with the representatives of Germany and Taiwan, and this dynamic combination, with the Stonyhurst robot in goal, and conceding less than 6 goals, saw the group achieve a fantastic second place position.

Congratulations to the overall winners, the Chinese Macau team, and many thanks to Mr Bickerstaff for organising the trip and Mr Ridout for arranging accommodation and sponsorships.