Exchange Programmes

Perspectives and horizons

The modern world is a complex place, which is why we know how important it is for our pupils to broaden their perspectives and expand their horizons – we want them to think and act both locally and globally. As part of the Global Network of Jesuit Schools, an IB World School and a boarding school that welcomes pupils from all over the world, Stonyhurst is strongly positioned to develop international mindedness and has a proven track record in doing so. One of the advantages of being part of the Jesuit network of schools are the exchange opportunities that it provides for our pupils. 

We have partnerships and exchange programmes in place with Jesuit schools in Uruguay, Spain, Hong Kong, Germany and Italy and there are opportunities for pupils to go on educational and charitable overseas trips. Read below to learn more about some of our exchange programmes with other Jesuit Schools. 

Uruguay Exchange - Colegio Semenario

Colegio Seminario have been to visit Stonyhurst twice, and our pupils have the opportunity to buddy up with a pupil and show them around our school and area in addition to working together on workshops and one of the most popular activities when they come is the sharing of a traditional Uruguayan Mass in Spanish. 

Our relationship with Colegio Seminario not only develops language skills and friendships, it also enables our pupils to recognise that they are part of a something much bigger than just Stonyhurst; they get to meet students just like them who share in their goals and aims to change the world, whilst also enabling those who study Spanish to further develop their language skills.

Our visit to Colegio Seminario was unfortunately cancelled in 2021 due to the Global pandemic but we are hoping to plan a trip to visit them in 2022 for our pupils to experience the cultural and linguistic opportunities a visit to Uruguay will provide. 

Italian Exchange - Scambio Con L'Italia

Since September 2014 we have been delighted to welcome pupils from the Italian Province Jesuit schools who come to complete their fourth year of Sixth Form studies here at Stonyhurst as an integral part of the Triennio del Liceo.

Dal settembre 2014 abbiamo il piacere di avere tra i nostri studenti alunni provenienti dai Collegi della Provincia italiana della Compagnia di Gesù e di dare loro il nostro benvenuto. Essi sono qui per compiere gli studi del loro quarto e penultimo anno di Liceo nell’ambito di uno scambio internazionale fra questo Collegio e i Collegi italiani.

The pupils join Poetry (Year 12) and follow the first year of the IB Diploma Programme with the English pupils. The boys and girls live in the boarding houses where they are well looked after by the pastoral staff each day and in addition are allocated to English tutors who oversee their academic progress.

Le studentesse e gli studenti si uniscono al gruppo di Poetry [anno 12 del curriculum di studi inglese] e seguono il primo anno dell’I.B. Diploma Programme insieme agli studenti inglesi. Le ragazze e i ragazzi vivono all’interno del Collegio in aree residenziali distinte, le Boarding Houses, dove sono ben seguiti dal personale della cura pastorale in ogni momento giorno dopo giorno. Inoltre sono assegnati a insegnanti di riferimento, i Tutor, che sovrintendono ai loro progressi scolastici.


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