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The Cambridge Technical (CTEC) Level 3 Diploma is a vocational qualification that is equivalent to 2 A levels and attracts equivalent UCAS points for applications to UK universities. It consists of a different approach to learning where the final grade is built up over the 2-year programme, rather than being dependent upon external examinations sat at the end of the course. The CTEC combines externally examined units of work alongside internally assessed (and externally moderated) coursework units.

A Cambridge Technical Diploma at Stonyhurst College allows pupils to specialise in their chosen field (Business or Sport) and to learn in a small class size environment. On completion, learners can access further study at a Higher Education institution, apply for a degree apprenticeship, or are fully equipped to join the world of work.

CTEC Pathways

How is the CTEC assessed?

The first external exams are sat in January of Year 1, which reduces the stress and pressure at the end of Higher Line (Sixth Form). All exams can be retaken, allowing pupils the opportunity to improve their grades.

Internally assessed coursework units are marked by the teacher and then moderated by the exam board at two points in each academic year. Pupils can resubmit their coursework if their first attempt does not pass the criteria.

Coursework units are graded at Pass, Merit or Distinction, and externally assessed units are graded as Near Pass, Pass, Merit or Distinction.  Points are allocated based on the final outcome of each unit and added together to decide the final qualification award which ranges from PP (Pass / Pass - equivalent to EE at A level) to D*D* (Distinction* / Distinction* - equivalent to A*A* at A level).

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