What is the International Baccalaureate Career Related Programme?

The IB Career Related Programme (IBCP) is a unique qualification which combines the values of the International Baccalaureate, academic study and career related experience – providing for a variety of learning styles and assessment. 

The IBCP aims to bridge the gap between academic rigour, vocational learning, and the development of key employability skills. At Stonyhurst, IBCP students can choose to specialise in either Sport or Business career related studies.The IBCP is designed for those who are interested in pursuing a more hands on, career-related approach to education in Sixth Form.

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Why study the IBCP at Stonyhurst?

A broad IB curriculum

The IB Career related programme ensures that as well as exploring their passion in their chosen career related study, pupils can develop wider academic skills through their chosen Diploma subjects. They can present to employers and universities alike with the transferable skills from their vocational career related course as well as strong academic credentials.

Pastoral and social integration

Teachers at Stonyhurst are involved in delivering both the IB and A Level courses at the College. IB Diploma students now make up just under one third of Higher Line (Sixth Form). Small classes and exceptionally good teacher pupil relationships enable pupils to learn at their own pace, developing their talents to the full.

IB pupils have the opportunity to integrate fully with those taking A Levels, through the plethora of co-curricular activities, sports, boarding and Theology General (a subject taken by both IB and A Level pupils in Sixth Form).

A choice of two study routes

Sport Option

Students opting for the Sports career related study might be considering going to a degree course in Sports Science perhaps. Equally they could be looking at moving on to employment within the rapidly growing sports industries, or apprenticeships in this area.

The Sport and Physical Activity career related study considers body systems, the long and short term impacts of sport and physical activity; how sport is organised; health and safety requirements, as well as how businesses in sport are organised and what success looks like to them.


Business Option

Students opting for the Business career related study might be considering going on to a degree in one of the many business related areas, either a general business degree, or a more specialist option such as marketing or finance. Alternatively, they may be considering other apprenticeships or a move directly into employment in business.

The Business career related study considers how businesses evolve, the different business types and how they are organised. Students will consider the internal workings of businesses as well as the external constraints under which a business must operate.

Assessment and Accreditation

Both of these career related studies are accredited by OCR, and we follow the Cambridge Technical Level 3 Diploma specifications.

The majority of the qualification content for both of these pathways is delivered through a wide variety of centre assessed units. There are also three externally assessed unit exams, which form the Core of each pathway. These exams might include case studies, pre-released materials, controlled projects or computer based tests, and are offered by OCR in both January and June. 

The pupils in our care are given the individual attention, resources and space in which to grow intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. Stonyhurst pupils are encouraged to involve themselves fully in the opportunities offered to them.

John Browne, Headmaster

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