SMH | Posted 21.03.2017

Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall children design their own boat

Upper Elements children have been busy designing boats from recycled materials to “launch” their IPC unit on Raging Rivers. The children were given a design brief to create a small boat which would be able to sail down one of the streams in the woods at Stonyhurst. Waiting for a fine day proved to be impossible so they set out on a grey, cloudy day with variously sized (evidently the word small is open to interpretation) vessels being carried by their proud owners.

Once they arrived at the stream, the children took turns to set their boat off on its maiden voyage at a signal from Mr Williams whilst Mrs Twigg stood over the finish line poised with a stopwatch on her mobile phone. At one point, a sudden hailstorm cancelled the timer on the phone and the boat had to return for a second voyage.

As the remaining boat designers watched one after another boat capsizing, running aground, becoming tangled in tree branches and generally coming to a sticky end they were cannily stripping off the superstructure and any extraneous attachments. Mrs Twigg commented that this mirrored real life yachting, as she knows from Ullswater Yachting Club, where people can be seen stuffing mattresses, bedding, deckchairs and cushions into their 4 x 4s the night before Race Day.

In the end, (despite attacks by hailstones) the boats of Eliza Carruthers and Scarlett Crossley performed the best, although Scarlett’s was really just half a plastic bottle by the time it approached the finishing line to win the race.