Charity | Posted 16.09.2016

Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall gets Tough !!!

Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall gets Tough !!!

Sunday 11th September marked a momentous day for some of the staff at Stonyhurst Saint Mary’s Hall. They embarked on the physically and psychologically challenging Tough Mudder obstacle course at Cholmondeley Park, Cheshire. The event was undertaken to raise funds for the school’s charity “Children for Children”.

This gruelling course involved 10 – 12 miles of running, interspersed with 21 obstacles; some that could be overcome solo but many that required working together with friends or other participants. The obstacles came with names such as Arctic Enema, Everest, Mud Mile (2 of these), Birth Canal, Human Pyramid, Swamp, Blockness Monster and many, many more. As the course progressed, the obstacles became tougher, with higher walls, claustrophobic tunnels and denser mud; so much mud!

The challenges increased as the fatigue set in. Starting out at 12.30, we crossed the finish line after 5 and a quarter hours. Covered in mud, with sore knees, lost trainers, low energy but very high in spirits and feelings of togetherness, we received our Tough Mudder shirts, headband, and celebratory cider!

The SMH staff who took part were Miss Jo Cairns, Miss Sally Evans (both Games), Mr Sam Williams OS (Upper Elements teacher), Miss Kate Hodkinson (Drama), Megan Meredith (Hodder House) and Mrs Clare McCullough (Lay Chaplain). Miss Jess Pye OS (Games) joined us from the College and       Mr Charles Jolleys OS and Mr Alex Murphy completed the team. We have Miss Charina Clarkson (FS teacher, Hodder House) to thank for her superb organisation in putting the team together and for ensuring that all went without a hitch on the day itself. Alongside her, at the event, was Miss Charlotte Collard (Games) who took the photographs and cheered us on.

However, it doesn’t end here. The Just Giving page has been renewed. Over £500 has been raised but further donations are welcome to help us reach our target of £1000. Thank you for your generosity.

As the African proverb says, “If you want to go fast…….go alone. If you want to go far…….go together.”