Events & Speakers | Posted 03.02.2015

The Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall Presentations

Every Easter term, a series of talks is given on Friday evenings at Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall. This year’s Presentations began with an exciting talk by Miss Phoebe Robertson, OS, the assistant curator at Stonyhurst. Phoebe brought with her a number of very beautiful and precious illuminated manuscripts. The pupils were fascinated by their history and art work, and were keen (and over-awed!) to be able to look at them more closely.

The second speaker was Mr Stephen Hughes OS. He talked about his role as a local government councillor and his work with the Citizens Advice Bureau. Stephen said that his education at SMH and at the College had been very important to him, and encouraged the children to get involved in as much as they can. He recalled doing “Life Skills” at SMH, which had taught him basic cookery; this had been very useful at university! The pupils found his talk very inspiring.

Our next speaker, Mr Richard Clews OS, is a regular contributor to our Presentations. This year he talked to the pupils about his career as a barrister. His audience eagerly asked many questions about his work; future lawyers, perhaps, already honing their skills!