• Top scoring mathematician, George Cowperthwaite
  • Group Photo
    Will Metcalf, George Ainscough, David Richardson, Jasper Green, Miss Tanner, Sylvia Zhu, Chris Magowan, Matthew Miller and Anthony Chow
Academic | Posted 15.11.2014

Stonyhurst’s mathematicians excel in UK competition

UK Senior Maths Challenge 2014

 Stonyhurst’s mathematicians have excelled in the UK Senior Maths Challenge this year, with the best overall performance ever. Last year’s record has been exceeded by five more awards!

They have all been coached and encouraged by Head of Mathematics Mr David Rawkins and Miss Clare Tanner, who look forward to the next round later this month.



BEST IN COLLEGE:                      George Cowperthwaite  (100)




George Cowperthwaite*$

Anthony Chow*$

Liren Li*

Matthew Miller

David Richardson




Sylvia Zhu                                           William Metcalf

Christopher Magowan                     Tomiwa Tolu Ogunkoya

Jessica Moyle                                      Jasper Green

Jan Zimoch                                          George Ainscough

Edoardo Pirani




James Fendt                                        Chidubem Okoye

William Donlon                                   Ruth Foulds

LK Virojanakul                                   Santiago Morgan-Garcia

Matthew Dawson                               Mengting Wu

Gabriel Strain                                      Emily Erel

Harry Isley                                          Hiu Wing Kwan

Arthur Chitnis                                    Raoul Berger

Michael Diamond                               Ludovico Di Curzio

Carson Chan                                       Diego Romero

Lucy Harriss                                        Harriet Lloyd

Raquel Ordonez                                  Alex Duckworth

Timi Onafowokan                               Nathan Miller

Rhys Powell                                        Siyou Zeng

James Singleton                                  Matthew Butler

Tobi Ogunribido

*Senior Kangaroo Qualifier                $ Best in Year


The qualifying scores are:       BRONZE 57-70
SILVER 71-83
GOLD 84+
Senior Kangaroo 89+ (Friday November 28th)