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Our syllabus offers English language tuition at all levels from Elementary to Advanced*.

Our educational programme includes:

  • 46 hours of tuition per two-week course, (including a one hour classroom-based placement test).
  • 3 hours of morning classes on 10 mornings (+ 1 hour placement test), 2 hours of afternoon classes on 4 afternoons (long days), 1 hour of afternoon classes on 4 afternoons (short days) (+ 3 hours of classes in the afternoon on the first day).
  • 6 homework periods in the evenings, with teacher support, of 45 minutes each (all homework is marked and returned to the student).
  • Course books are provided for the duration of the course and for students to take home.
  • End of course report and certificate of attendance.

All our English teachers are qualified and have been chosen for their ability to relate to teenagers from different cultural backgrounds. They are led by our fully qualified Deputy Course Director, Matthew Siegal, who continues in the role from last year.

The academic programme commences on the Saturday following arrivals day, and finishes on the Thursday before departures day. All students take a placement test on the first morning to assess their level of English and place them into a class suitable to their language ability.

Class sizes are very small, a maximum of 12 to a class, so that teachers can give as much individual attention as possible, whilst being big enough to ensure the maximum amount of interactive communication. All our classes are grouped into mixed-nationality and we try not to have more than 50% of any single language group in the same class.

Depending on our intake, students are divided by their age into ‘Young Juniors’ (10-12) and ‘Juniors’ (13-16), to ensure that lessons are pertinent to their age group and experience.

Class attendance is mandatory and no absences from class will be tolerated, except in the case of illness.

*Unfortunately we are not able to offer our courses to beginners.