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The specific projects in this year’s appeal are as diverse as ever. We have set out below how we plan to invest our income in 2017. If you would like to contribute to a specific project please let us know.

  • Bursaries

    The offer of bursaries to deserving families is central to our mission. More than a third of our pupils receive financial assistance. Please help to support bursaries.

  • Lets Dance!

    Our dance department would like to add some audio/visual equipment, a portable balle barre and some additional costumes to further their facilities.

  • Shooting at Stonyhurst

    Owing to the continued succes in shooting at Stonyhurst we would like to add a Shotgun Range to allow for greater access to a safe sport which promotes discipline, reliablility and healthy competition.

  • Sports Scoreboards

    As part of the Headmaster’s listening exercise students asked if we could have electronic scoreboards on our senior rugby and hockey pitches.  This would add to the ongoing improvement of the sporting experience provided to our students.

  • Wherever Stonyhurst Needs It Most

    During each financial year the school must deal with a variety of unexpected costs, some of which cannot be deferred. Should you wish to support this area, we will allocate your gift to those needs that are deemed most urgent.