Chaplaincy & Services | Posted 02.02.2019

Our Chaplain, Fr Tim Curtis SJ, writes:

At the beginning of this term we have introduced the “Examen” prayer of St Ignatius as part of the school day.  It takes place at the end of each school day and is led by the teacher who teaches the last class.

The Examen seeks to make our day-to-day experiences the material for our prayer.  In a moment of quiet reflection, pupils are encouraged to call to mind the events of the last day for which they would like to be thankful before God.  Out of the gratitude, something might emerge for which we need to say sorry or for which some grace is needed to take us forward for the next 24 hours.

The prayer in and of itself is simple, but the habit of doing this each day helps us to grow closer to God.

So far the feedback from staff and students has been helpful.  A tiny oasis of calm amidst the hurly-burly of a very busy day has been welcomed by many.  Already the practice is beginning to bear fruit.

You can find lots more information about and resources to help to pray the Examen at